I thought this might be a good idea.

So I’m starting another blog. Again.

I dare you to scour the internet and find every trace of my blogs that you can. Trust me, they’re everywhere.

I had a huge mental breakdown this past week and went to my therapist, desperate to discuss the symptoms of the mental disorder I thought I had.

We went through the list, and it seemed like I was in the clear. She especially said that since she had no trouble working with me, she didn’t think I was severely mentally afflicted (five bucks if you can guess what the disorder is!).

She did, however, say, “We all have our personality tendencies,” and that it would be good for me to find ways of coping with my emotional instability personality tendencies.

The night before I’d had a revelation, and I revealed it to her while we were speaking on Monday.

“Well, I used to write for myself a lot when I was younger…”

“What about now?” she asked.

“Oh, now? I only write to get paid! ha. ha.”

Still, the more I thought about it the more I remembered how I used to write as a way to handle my emotions. By getting them out on paper, I released them from bubbling up inside of me, and I felt immensely better afterwards.

When I got to college, and even after, I stopped writing. I got so busy! I was trying to grow up and have a social life. I didn’t see the point in sitting in my room at 2:43 am lamenting my woes to the word processing program on my computer. I figured there were other, more mature ways to deal with them.

Well I definitely found other ways to deal with them…

Long story short, I feel like I lost something in those intervening years. I have a lot written about myself from high school and early college. Not only was I dealing with those issues at the time, but writing allowed me to work through them and come out okay. I don’t have anything nearly so in-depth for the rest of college and right afterwards save the hundreds of angry messages sent to my boyfriend on Skype.

So I’m eager to get back to writing again. Even today, just writing the drafts of what will eventually become posts on this blog made me feel so much better.

I can’t wait to tarnish grace the internet with more of my insightful revelations!

Enjoy your stay. (Read: run.)


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