I’m not going to be a very good wife.

TM and I are currently fighting as I type as we speak.

Well, more like we just finished fighting because I’ve hung up Skype and we aren’t messaging on Facebook anymore, so.

He’s mad at me because he thinks I don’t “get” him, even though he admitted that he wasn’t explaining himself very well.

I admit I could’ve been more mature about it, but I told him I was already struggling to not be immature and do the childish thing.

Which I ended up doing anyway.


Abandoning your partner in their time of need, especially during what was potentially a very vulnerable conversation, is probably not the most mature thing to do.

But even though I know that, I can’t help but be hurt at the fact that he told me I just wouldn’t get it, and dismissed me so easily…

Guess he was right, though.

He’s messaging me on Facebook now, but I’m too upset to respond. Maybe I’ll call him back.

Then again maybe I’ll just go to bed. It’s 3 AM and I have class in the morning.



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