“If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.”

Note: please excuse the extreme lax look of this piece, i am suffering from a hunger headache at 1:21 am, but this is a space for my authentic feelings so if this is what comes out then hey, who am i to stop it right

i had to hang up on my boyfriend because he got upset

and when he’s frustrated and upset, i get frustrated and upset

could be that maybe he’s more used to dealing with me upset than i am to dealing with him upset?

he’s usually pretty calm and collected so when he does get mad it probably makes me a little bit scared and uncomfortable

but i usually end up pushing solutions onto him, telling him to calm down, to stop thinking about it, to just let it go and be the happy tm that i always want him to be

but this relationship isnt always about what i want, is it?

i cant just be there for him only when he’s acting the way i want him to act

i have to be able to be who he needs me to be, too

i can’t do it perfectly just now, but i hope to get better at this in the future



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