How Can She Be So Self-Centered?

CC BY 2.0 Victoria Henderson

Earlier this week, I wanted to do something nice for my sister. She’s pregnant, you see, and going through quite a rough time, being mired in the daily drama that is my family. I thought taking her out to a movie to get her mind off things might help.

Of course, my mother just had to find a way to make it about her.

It started when I went to go pick my sister up in the first place. They’ve moved to a new apartment, though the way to get inside is the same as always: find their name on the call box.

Now, the difference between this apartment and the last one is that my sister’s name is not on the lease. Therefore, her name does not appear on the call box. Ergo, she can’t let anyone in.

(I’ll elaborate more on why her name isn’t on the lease later; suffice to say for now it’s because she’s pregnant.)

So I roll up to the call box and punch in my mother’s name. The box rings, and rings… and rings… and rings some more… finally the answering machine picks up. Your call has been forwarded to the automatic voice message system…

I huff and pull out my phone, dialing my mom. She answers on the first ring.

“Can you open the gate?” I ask her irritatedly.

“I’m not home!” is her reply.

“I know that… I’m here for Rane,” I tell her, rolling my eyes. You’re not the only reason I come here, you know… isn’t there anyone else here worth seeing? Like, I dunno… my sister?!


“So can you open the gate?”

“Okay, sure.”

I dial the call box again and this time the gate opens. As I’m driving through, my phone rings, and I look at the screen. It’s mother.


“So you’re there to see Rane?”

“Yup,” I say curtly. I can tell she’s fishing for information and I’m not willing to give it.

“Where you guys goin?” she asks so sweetly and innocently.

“Takin her to the movies.”

“Oh,” she says, and I can hear the false disinterest in her voice. “I wanted to go to the movies.”


“You can’t,” I say, “you have a newborn.”

“That’s why I’m at grandma’s house!”

I can’t even express my level of disappointment at hearing her say that. Like many other things, we’ll get into why she’s staying with my grandmother in another post (hint: it’s because she hates kids and don’t know how to raise them).

“I only have two tickets,” is all I say to her, though.

“Oh, well have fun then!” In reality she murmured on about how she couldn’t go for a while longer, but I can’t be assed to type it all out though I seem to have typed this much longer explanation out just fine…

I thought that was the end of it, though I should have known better. I called her number to open the gate again at the end of the night to drop my sister off, and there were no problems.

So I wasn’t expecting the phone call I got from my sister the next day.

“Like, she really called me just to bitch about how she didn’t get to go to the movies!”

I didn’t think it was that serious. But here’s how the conversation went down:

Mother: I heard you went to the movies…

Rane: …yeah.

Mother: Oh… well, I told Aki, you know, I would have wanted to go to the movies…

Rane: Well… there were only two tickets.

Mother: I know! Well, I still didn’t see why she wouldn’t tell anybody so we could get tickets.

Rane: …that’s not how it works.


I don’t know why I was utterly shocked by this exchange. This is classic narcissistic behaviour. But, as you’ll learn later, I truly thought that this baby would bring about a change of heart — that it would show that my mother really did know how to love something other than herself, and that she just super fucked up the first three times around.

But… nope.

Can’t even take my sister out on a date without mom finding a way to make it about her.

I mean really, how can you be so self-centered?


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